Baker's Knife Serrated Edge 12 Inches or 32 cm From the Tecna Range By Sanelli Ambrogio


T363 032A


An invaluable professional tool, this baker's knife, with its 12" or 32 cm serrated blade, is ideal for slicing through awkwardly shaped loaves, or evenly slicing through cakes. The blade is made from a high quality, stainless steel, Nitro B, which has long lasting edge retention and high resistance to corrosion. The handle is ergonomically formed, with a soft feel and unique raised pimples, for a non-slip grip and anti-fatigue properties. The knife is dishwasher safe, non toxic, sterilisable and resistant to both high and low temperatures. Tecna knives, comply with the latest EU regulations, for items intended to be in contact with foods. Sanelli Ambrogio, have been producing knives for more than 150 years, gaining expert knowledge of knife making, passing through generations of skilled craftsmen.